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Do you want to buy a house in Amsterdam and require the expertise of a dependable partner? As a specialized buyers agent in Amsterdam, we help you find the right home in Amsterdam and its vicinity.

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  • 20+ years of experience

  • Certified registered brokers

  • We assist you in securing the lowest possible purchase price and the best conditions

  • Professional guidance throughout the entire process up to the moment of transfer

  • No cure, no pay

  • 100% independent buyers agent

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You are searching for a home in Amsterdam and want to have access to the complete inventory.

Aankoopmakelaar Amsterdam keeps you informed daily about suitable properties. You will also receive information about upcoming listings that are not yet visible on Funda via email or app.

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You have seen a house and want to know all the advantages and disadvantages of it before making an offer.

Our buyer's agents have years of experience in the Amsterdam area and have insight into all transaction data, there is sufficient knowledge to answer your questions.

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You want to make a winning bid on a house.

Acting quickly with an independent buyer's agent is important. Send an email or call 020-7640808 for independent expert advice. We understand the market and aim to respond within two hours.

Certainty and ease in buying your dream house in Amsterdam


Guidance throughout the entire process

Are you looking for your dream house in Amsterdam, but dread the uncertainties and inconvenience of the process? Let us take those worries away and discover what Aankoopmakelaar Amsterdam can do for you! Our professional NVM buyers agents are ready to guide you and ensure a smooth and carefree purchasing process. From viewing potential houses to handing over the keys, we are here for you.

No technical knowledge of construction? No problem

We understand that buying a house is a big step, and that's why we ensure you can make a well-considered choice. Our agents are well-versed in construction techniques and pay attention to all the details. This way, we can immediately see the condition of the house and if there are any other points of attention you should be aware of.

The best deal for your dream house

Do you want to be sure you're paying the lowest possible price and getting the best terms? Then engage Aankoopmakelaar Amsterdam. Our agents gather all available information from the selling party and can even arrange for a structural inspection if necessary. With this thorough preparation, we enter the negotiations, so you get the most out of your purchase.

A carefree and fair process

We want to fully relieve you during the buying process. That's why we also offer an objective value indication. This way, you can be sure you're paying a fair price for your new home. No more uncertainties or doubts, but transparent and reliable guidance to your dream house.

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Meet our team

  • Ben Spronk

    My name is Ben Spronk and I joined the Aankoopmakelaar Amsterdam team in 2019. Since 2008 I’ve been involved in buying, selling and valuing houses in and around Amsterdam.

    Ben Spronk
  • Anna Smit

    My name is Anna Smit and since 2019 I’ve been working as a candidate registered realtor (KRMT) at Aankoopmakelaar Amsterdam. Before this position I’ve worked at a large full-service real estate office in Amsterdam.

    Anna Smit
  • Erik Jan Broersma

    My name is Erik Jan Broersma and I have been a real estate agent in Amsterdam and the surrounding area since 2003. I worked for 18 years at one of the largest real estate agencies in Amsterdam.

    Erik Jan Broersma
  • Tabitha Lemon

    My name is Tabitha Lemon, and I have been working in real estate since 2004. Besides assisting with the purchase of your home, as a stylist, I can also provide advice on interior design and styling your home.

    Tabitha Lemon
  • Niels Bakker

    My name is Niels Bakker and I work as an estate agent. First as a real estate agent and valuer for both residences as well as commercial buildings, for a number of years now solely as a purchasing realtor for houses.

    Niels Bakker

Calculate property value

At Aankoopmakelaar Amsterdam you can easily calculate the indicative home value online. This tool is particularly interesting because you can calculate the indicative home value of each home. Also of homes that are not (yet) offered for sale.

Calculate property value

Buying a house in Amsterdam

Buying a house in Amsterdam is not easy. It usually starts with quite a few viewings where you can use some help and ends with a successful offer. By sharing our knowledge and experience, we help you throughout the process to achieve a successful purchase of your new home. 

Buying a house in Amsterdam

If a bid has been made, negotiations haven’t started yet. That’s only the case when a contrabid has been made. First a seller has to choose doing business with you. That can depend on the fact if there are more interested candidates and the financial willingness of the buyer. If the selling agent states he will discuss your bid with the seller, you’re not in negotiations yet. The purchasing realtor has to actively let the seller know that he’s dealing with a potential good buyer.

Together with the seller the selling agent decides the way negotiations are made. A house visit doesn’t hold any claims. It’s completely without any obligations. It’s therefore advisable to ask your agent what your position is, should you have a serious interest in the house. This may prevent future disappointments. The same goes for an offer. An offer can be so low that the seller doesn’t feel the need to respond to it. So it’s important to make an offer that triggers negotiations. However, not too high. After all, you don’t want to overpay on your new house.

The answer is ‘yes’. In that cast the selling agent knows that the process will transpire professionally, which will save him time. And as the purchasing realtor does a financial check the selling agent knows that chances are high the deal goes ahead once an agreement has been reached. So you know he will spend his time only on serious candidates. Besides that, an estate agent likes working with fellow professionals. Especially in the current market guidance from an estate agent is a huge benefit for you.

If the asking price is an invitation for making an offer, the seller can decide to alter the asking price, may it be lower or higher. If a proposition is made, involved parties make biddings back and forth, although this isn’t always the case. An estate agent may also choose the follow a different path. Only when the selling party accepts an offer, an agreement has been reached. On the other hand, if a seller makes a counterbid, the buyer can reach an agreement by accepting this offer. Should a potential buyer make a counterbid that deviates from the earlier bid made by the selling party, the previous bid of the selling party is voided. Also in the case when both parties have spoken about ‘coming closer together’, the seller can decide to raise his counterbid in the middle of the bidding process and/or lower his bid (from the buyers’ perspective). Probably not common practice for you, but Aankoopmakelaar Amsterdam knows its way around.

A purchase isn’t final until agreement is reached on the price, the acceptance and possible dissolving terms and conditions. The law demands a so called written agreement. In other words: a purchase deed has to made, (in Amsterdam) mostly by a notary. The purchase deed has to include all things both parties agreed on orally. Furthermore a number of other agreements will be noted. For example the penalty clause. Such additional agreements only apply once the purchase deed is signed by both parties and the three days consideration time are over. Dissolving terms and conditions are very important. This is also a subject that both parties have to agree on during negotiations. A buyer has to handle this with care and has to act appropriately (according to the situation).

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