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Do I still have to overbid in Amsterdam?

Houses in Amsterdam are for sale longer and longer and this affects house prices. These are put under an increasing amount of pressure. A question that is being asked more frequently is "Do I still have to overbid in Amsterdam? A relevant question, as there seems to be less competition.

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Why buying a house in Amsterdam as an investment

Investing in Amsterdam real estate is a smart way to divide your assets. Still you have to pay attention to what you’re buying. A thorough knowledge of Amsterdam housing is vital from preventing you to spend your money the wrong way. We know where the best chances lie and, more importantly, we know how to avoid the biggest pitfalls.

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Changes in Amsterdam’s leasehold system

Every year thousands of homeowners pay ground lease on city ground where there homes are located. Therefore, house buyers in Amsterdam always have to take the local ground lease rules and regulations into account. Also because the ground lease canon still has to be paid every year. The amount of ground lease can even be fixed at a certain price

House prices in Amsterdam explode to new heights

Nothing new, but housing prices in Amsterdam are doing well. An understatement, because houses are being sold rapidly and in most cases also well beyond the asking price.

What happens if the offer decreases and the demand increases? Prices go up. Especially in Amsterdam that’s the case. The city is emerging nationally and internationally a

Perpetual ground lease without corporation of the Association of Owners

Amsterdam house owners can choose perpetual ground lease instead of expiring conditions. Within an apartment building that is handled by the association of owners (VvE in Dutch). As an apartment owner you can also choose for perpetual lease individually. Even when the association of owners doesn’t. How does it work?

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Purchasing realtor in Amsterdam indispensable?

The Amsterdam housing market is overheat. After a few years of crisis a lot of buyers enter the market again. And there many. Dutch paper De Volkskrant wrote an article about the added value a purchasing realtor has. Branche organisation Vereniging Eigen Huis was sceptical about the purchasing realtor’s role. Luckily it hasn’t become a one sided

A quarter of Amsterdam houses are paid for in cash

According to the De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) as of 2013 a quarter of Amsterdam houses is being paid for in cash. What also stands out is that bought houses with a mortgage large amounts of private equity have been used. Are we dealing with wealthy individuals here or do investors see Amsterdam as the holy grail?

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Record fine for Amsterdam renter

Sky’s the limit for homeowners in Amsterdam. House prices continue to rise. People in Amsterdam who also put there house up for temporary rent through Airbnb can earn a nice additional income. It’s important though to abide by the rules. Not long ago an A