Benefits Aankoopmakelaar Amsterdam

To bring in the help of a purchasing realtor is important, because they only serve the buyer’s interests. With Aankoopmakelaar Amsterdam by your side you we prevent you from paying a price that is too high.

Aankoopmakelaar Amsterdam: 100% independent

Aankoopmakelaar Amsterdam is fully specialised in buying objects in the Amsterdam region. We serve no other interests besides yours, which makes us 100% independent. All that matters is your interest as a buyer. That’s why we go the extra mile to get you the lowest price or the best deal.

VastgoedCert certified

The Aankoopmakelaar Amsterdam’s real estate agent (RMT) is registered in the quality register VastgoedCert. This is a proof of expertise and professionalism.

Professional and honest advice

With a VastgoedCert certificate you are assured of professional advice. VastgoedCert checks up on this by making (extra) training mandatory, which keeps the register quality at a constant high level. With over 20 years of experience Aankoopmakelaar Amsterdam guarantees professional and honest advice, based on a confidential relationship with client. Most importantly, the client’s wishes and interests always come first.

Specialised in Amsterdam housing

Amsterdam is a world apart. Therefore it’s important to hire a specialist, an agent that operates the Amsterdam market on a daily basis. Furthermore, the purchasing realtor needs to be aware of the latest developments and trends in the market and current house prices in Amsterdam. Aankoopmakelaar Amsterdam is one of the few purchasing realtors that specialises exclusively in Amsterdam housing. That enables us to react decisively and professionally in this untransparent market. By specialising in purchase real estate we are able to take care of the entire buying process for our clients. Also we’re not only available during office hours, you can always reach us outside those hours and during weekends.

After care, also after the transfer of possession we remain your agent

Guiding the handover at the notary office

Guidance during the final inspection of your new house

Guidance while signing the purchase agreement

Providing the required appraisal report within 3 days (target date) for the benefit of funding

Assessment of the formulated purchase agreement and provided appendices

Negotiating with the selling agent

Precise object valuation

A financial check to make sure you’re not confronted with unpleasant financial surprises afterwards

Assessment of documents/comments, provided by the selling agent (notification requirement)

Review of the prevailing development plan, easements, ground lease, association of owners, cadastral enquiry, environmental aspects and other possible barriers

Assessment the object’s structural state, possibly supplemented with a structural inspection

Guidance during house visits

Checklist Viewings

Besides a free buying advice we offer the opportunity to receive a ‘checklist for house visits’. With this checklist you will be able to make a quick, first inspection.

  • Sworn real estate agents

  • Over 20 years of experience

  • No cure, No pay

  • Technical background

  • 100% independent

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