The municipality Amstelveen, besides the city, also consists of Bovenkerk, Nes aan de Amstel, Ouderkerk aan de Amstel and urban community De Zwarte Kat. The entire territory of the municipality has merged into one residential area: Amstelveen. The city has about 81.000 residents, with an average age of 41,2 years (compared to national average of approximately 39 years). It’s a fresh city with a lot of families, that evolves around it’s commuters, but it’s also known for its higher number of ageing population (19 versus 15 percent). In total the city has over 42.000 houses, most of them built between 1960 and 2000, and therefore relatively new. However, a substantial part of those houses is in a poor structural state and facilities are outdated. Aankoopmakelaar Amsterdam has excellent technical knowledge and is therefore capable to assess the structure and other (elementary) structural parts on quality and reliability. You will get insight in the expected (necessary) maintenance activities, both for the short and long term, which is a huge benefit for every buyer when looking at the future.

About Amstelveen

Amstelveen was formed as a small village for turf makers at the beginning of the thirteenth century. Around 1278 the village also obtained a core function, after a church was built. With its location by the Zuiderzee, the then called Amsteldam grew in size and became more important to the region. From 1275 on Amstelveen owns city rights. In the 17th and 18th century the region attracted a lot of wealthy residents from Amsterdam who wanted more peace and quiet and in a way that is still the case.

It’s obvious that Amstelveen is a city that breathes history; a city with a soul. Fans of older properties are certainly in the right place here. However, buying these kind of houses calls for specific knowledge, because also in Amstelveen structural problems occur, just like in Amsterdam, Diemen and other cities in the region. Aankoopmakelaar Amsterdam doesn’t miss a thing when guiding you in buying a house, therefore you won’t buy a pig in a poke and will not encounter numerous unforeseen problems.

Living in Amstelveen

Amstelveen can present impressive figures in some areas. There are 31 nurseries, 37 daycare facilities (BSO’s), 16 preschools, 20 primary schools and 4 schools for secondary education. 67,4 percent of the Amstelveen population claim they never feel unsafe, there is a relatively low number of serious crime, road safety is good and a mere 6,6 percent of the population has the desire to move. These are just numbers, but it shows that the enjoyment of living in Amstelveen is rated with a good number which is good to know if you are looking for a house in this municipality. Furthermore, the number of facilities are at a high level, in almost every area.

Nice to know is that Amstelveen has the largest population of Japanese people, 1700 in total. This is the reason a street has been named Laan van Deshima, as a reference to the Dutch VOC-past and the first trade activities with Japan.

Do you see nothing that you like in Amstelveen or do you want to engage in a broader search? Aankoopmakelaar Amsterdam also operates in Diemen, Amsterdam-West, Amsterdam-Zuid en Amsterdam-Oost.

Recreation in Amstelveen

Sport is an important cornerstone within the Amstelveen community. The city has arguably the largest population of field hockey players in the Netherlands and also it plays host to the prestigious Champions Trophy. The numbers say more than enough: 39 gymnasiums, 1 running track, 4 sports centers, 15 indoor tennis courts, 67 outside tennis courts, 15 squash courts, around 300 playing facilities with basketball fields, skate tracks and football courts, among others. Amstelveen even has its own sports paper that is distributed across all homes in the region four times a year.

However, besides sports Amstelveen has a lot more to offer. There are bike- and hiketrails and there is a camping site in the Amsterdam forest. Furthermore you can find a theatre in the city, as well as a symphony orchestra, a large library, a concert venue, a music and dance school and a university of the third age as well. Also the the city centre has a considerable number of bars and restaurants.

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