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Amsterdam Nieuw-West is the district where boroughs like Geuzenveld/Slotermeer, Slotervaart and Osdorp belong to. These used to be the boroughs that were called ‘Western town villages’ after the war. Through the many renovation projects and small new development plans the boroughs’ appearance has changed drastically over the years. These boroughs received the label ‘town village’ because of the way the boroughs were set up, with a lot of space and green areas. Nieuw Sloten and De Aker are beautiful additions that were developed in the 90’s.

The closer you get to the centre of Amsterdam, the higher the housing density. The housing offer in Amsterdam Nieuw-West is very diverse and varied. Here you will not only find the modern apartment, but also the somewhat larger city villas with gardens. The Sloterplas, Sloterpark and Nieuwe Meer make up the vast green and blue heart of Amsterdam Nieuw-West with a diverse population as its foremost characteristic. Aankoopmakelaar Amsterdam is happy to find you a house that matches your needs and wishes in the ever changing and renewing housing offering of Nieuw-West.

About Amsterdam Nieuw-West

Amsterdam Nieuw-West is easily accessible by taking the ring road (A10). The city district isn’t completely located in the periphery of the city, because the Overtoomse veld and the Rembrandtpark also belong to Nieuw-West and are located not far from the ring of canals. Nieuw-West has a lot of stores and shops, from the bigger supermarkets till the somewhat smaller delicatessens and offers numerous facilities for the modern urban citizen. By tram you’re in the heart of the city within five minutes and for some recreation in the outside air you have a lot of parks and green areas are at your disposal. Also with regards to sports facilities you have everything to choose from in Nieuw-West. On the edges of Osdorp there are multiple sports clubs and sports grounds and also the public swimming pool (Sloterparkbad) is a popular attraction for years now in Nieuw-West, both for young and old. When you’re looking for some fun cultural nights out Theater de Meervaart and the Westergasfabriek are closeby. From Amsterdam Nieuw-West via Amstelveen you’re in the Amsterdam Forest and the famous Bosbaan within a whisker.

Living in Amsterdam Nieuw-West

In Nieuw-West you’ll come across all kinds of housing blocks, single family homes and modern city apartments, all within walking distance of shops, bars, restaurants and various accommodations. Nieuw-West has stores and shops that are far more modern than you will see in city districts Centrum or Amsterdam-Zuid. A lot of owner occupied apartments are part of an owners association. In an early stage Aankoopmakelaar Amsterdam will come up with information about the financial management of the specific association of owners. In Nieuw-West all kinds of construction projects are being developed, for which you can still register. The original spacious neighbourhoods provide enough room for new construction initiatives. Projects like Kade Osdorp, Stadstuin Overtoom and the Andreas Ensemble, each are perfect examples of construction projects of the highest quality.

But during your search you shouldn’t leave out the somewhat older houses in the city district. Some post war house building offers families a lot of space and green areas, for a substantial lower buying price when you compare this with new construction projects. The only disadvantage of Nieuw-West is something you see everywhere in Amsterdam. The closer you get to the city centre it gets increasingly difficult to park your car. You won’t have to worry about that when you live in Osdorp or Geuzenveld, at least for now.

Recreation in Amsterdam Nieuw-West

During spring there is increasingly more activity on and around the Sloterplas and the Nieuwe Meer. These ponds offer the Nieuw-West residents enough space for a bit of relaxation. The Nieuwe Meer has its own marinas and via the Schinkel every boat lover navigates directly to the IJ river. At the edge of the Nieuwe Meer you’ll find the Oeverlanden, a beautiful nature and recreation area. Around the Sloterplas an enormous park is developed where you can go for a nice stroll or find other forms of recreation. You can always head out to centre of the city as well, the Vondelpark is only a five minute bike ride away.

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