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Who is Aankoopmakelaar Amsterdam?

Saving time, money, and worries for you, that is what we as a buers agent in Amsterdam aim to achieve. Discover how we can assist you in finding your dream home and achieving the best result.

100% independent and exclusively focused on your interests

Aankoopmakelaar Amsterdam is the specialist in purchase guidance. We are completely independent and solely represent your interests as a buyer. Together with our experienced realtors, you will search for the house that perfectly matches your desires. During the viewings, we provide you with our expert advice, so you can make an informed decision. With more than 20 years of experience and a proven track record, we know what to do, and you are guaranteed a professional purchase.

No risk, fees only on a successful purchase

With us, the principle of 'no cure, no pay' applies. Only when the purchase is successful are fees charged. No time limits, no restrictions on the number of viewings. This gives you the confidence that we are truly doing everything to achieve a successful purchase for you. And only then are we satisfied.

Expertise and technical knowledge from the start

Thanks to our technical background, we make a good estimate of the condition of the home from the first acquaintance and identify any technical points of attention. Moreover, we request all available information from the selling realtor and arrange a structural inspection if necessary. This way, we enter the negotiations well-prepared, aiming to achieve the lowest possible purchase price and the best conditions for you.

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Strong relationships and an extensive network

We have strong relationships with all real estate offices in Amsterdam. This makes the difference between a successful purchase and a disappointment. Moreover, we are familiar with the neighborhoods where you want to live. Feel free to take a look at the 'purchased properties'.

Personal approach and fast service

With us, you are the focus. Your wishes and needs are our starting point, where you are guaranteed a 100% personal approach. From the viewing to the handing over of the keys, we stand by your side. Our five buyers agenents act quickly and are always there for you. This is how we make a difference for you.

Local expertise in the Greater Amsterdam area

Our expertise extends to the smallest details of the Greater Amsterdam area. We know the environment like no other and are therefore able to serve you optimally, saving you time, money, and worries.

Opt for success with Aankoopmakelaar Amsterdam

We understand that your purchasing process is unique. Our services are designed to meet your specific needs. Through our expertise and dedication, we ensure that you are successful in finding and buying your dream home. 

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We are the buyers agents in Amsterdam

We all four share a passion: purchasing homes with concrete, substantiated advice for you as a customer. This is us:

  • Ben Spronk

    Ben Spronk

    My name is Ben Spronk and I joined the Aankoopmakelaar Amsterdam team in 2019. Since 2008 I’ve been involved in buying, selling and valuing houses in and around Amsterdam.

    Ben Spronk
  • Anna Smit

    Anna Smit

    My name is Anna Smit and since 2019 I’ve been working as a candidate registered realtor (KRMT) at Aankoopmakelaar Amsterdam. Before this position I’ve worked at a large full-service real estate office in Amsterdam.

    Anna Smit
  • Erik Jan Broersma

    Erik Jan Broersma

    My name is Erik Jan Broersma and I have been a real estate agent in Amsterdam and the surrounding area since 2003. I worked for 18 years at one of the largest real estate agencies in Amsterdam, where I focused on both the sale and purchase of homes.

    Erik Jan Broersma
  • Tabitha Lemon

    Tabitha Lemon

    My name is Tabitha Lemon, and I have been working in real estate since 2004. I started at a large agency with several branches in and around The Hague, where I worked as both a buying and selling agent. Since 2013, I have been active in the Amsterdam market, and in addition to helping you with the purchase of your home, as a stylist, I can also offer advice on interior design and styling.

    Tabitha Lemon
  • Niels Bakker

    Niels Bakker

    My name is Niels Bakker and I work as an estate agent. First as a real estate agent and valuer for both residences as well as commercial buildings, for a number of years now solely as a purchasing realtor for houses. Read more about Niels Bakker

    Niels Bakker

Important for you to know:

20+ years of experience

Certified registered realtors

We help you to get the lowest possible purchase price and the best conditions

Professional guidance throughout the entire process up to the moment of transfer

No cure, no pay

Checklist Viewings

Besides a free buying advice we offer the opportunity to receive a ‘checklist for house visits’. With this checklist you will be able to make a quick, first inspection.

Free checklist viewing
  • 20+ years of experience

  • Certified registered brokers

  • We assist you in securing the lowest possible purchase price and the best conditions

  • Professional guidance throughout the entire process up to the moment of transfer

  • No cure, no pay

  • 100% independent buyers agent

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