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My name is Niels Bakker and I work as an estate agent. First as a real estate agent and valuer for both residences as well as commercial buildings, for a number of years now solely as a purchasing realtor for houses.

Originally I have a technical background which is helpful, especially when I have to deal with older houses in Amsterdam. I’ve finished the real estate programme early nineties. Those were the years I got into the real estate business. At first a did development projects and as of 2000 switched to our beautiful field of real estate with historic real estate as an extra focus. In 2007 I was sworn in and registered as a real estate agent/valuer (RMT) at VastGoedCert.

I’ve seen real estate change dramatically, initially with the arrival of the internet, making the house offering transparent soon after. That changed the role of the purchasing realtor to something more than just communicating which houses were for sale. In the meantime technology continues to develop which makes consumers (rightfully) more sceptic about what they see and how their requests are handled.

All together enough reason for me to do things differently and to bring focus in my work, with the result that I can be my client, the buyer, of better service.

When starting Aankoopmakelaar Amsterdam I made the conscious choice to set up an independent enterprise without further interests in financial services or houses that are for sale. Because of that this business guarantees expertise, integrity, objectivity, personal guidance, flexibility and speed.

You will save time, money and concerns when hiring a purchasing realtor. We are not satisfied until you are. Welcome to Aankoopmakelaar Amsterdam.

Fantastic in guiding us through the entire buying process Written by: Bram, Amsterdam
Niels was fantastic in guiding us through the entire buying process. Not only did he negotiate a great price, he was thorough and provided us with all the information we needed. After we bought the house some issues arose and also than Niels was readily available and quickly helped us resolve the issues. We would recommend Niels to anybody who wants to buy a place in Amsterdam. Verbeterpunten None
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