Investing in Amsterdam real estate is a smart way to divide your assets. Still you have to pay attention to what you’re buying. A thorough knowledge of Amsterdam housing is vital from preventing you to spend your money the wrong way. We know where the best chances lie and, more importantly, we know how to avoid the biggest pitfalls.

You want to get a good return on your investment. Keep your money as savings is the same as eating your equity, so it’s only natural that you are looking for interesting, but safe alternatives. House prices in Amsterdam have found their way up again. A part of this can be contributed to investors that have confidence in Amsterdam real estate. Amsterdam has become the place to be in Europe.

Investing in real estate only for large investors?

It is a wrong assumption that investing in real estate is only something for large investors. Also private investors that want to benefit from Amsterdam housing can join the race as well. Till up to Brexit it was not possible to buy real estate in London if you didn’t have a suitcase full of money available. Brexit causes foreign investors to switch their attention to the upcoming real estate market in Amsterdam. House prices in Amsterdam have gone up dramatically since then and further growth is apparent.

We understand the market and where to find the true gems

When investing in real estate you can’t trust the information that comes from a selling agent. Of course the object that is for sale is located in an upcoming neighbourhood and the demand for it is high. Not until you’ve actually bought it you realise how things really turn out. The investment is too high to trust the agent’s blue eyes. We are happy to help you find true gems in Amsterdam.

What’s available in Amsterdam?

This doesn’t appear to be a complicated question. You can view the offer online at your own convenience. Although you can’t tell whether the house is a good investment based on the commercial selling information. Estate agents all try to sell their objects as good as they can, which also means they do this with property you shouldn’t invest in. With less interesting objects is harder to make a return on your investment. The best investment strongly depends on location, architecture and how well the object is maintained during the years.

We are happy to meet you and discuss how we can help you finding a good investment in Amsterdam. Investing in real estate starts with providing clear information of what you can expect when considering investing in Amsterdam real estate.

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