Association of owners (Vereniging van Eigenaren)

When buying an apartment it’s probably not the criterium on pays attention to, but the quality of the Association of Owners is truly one of the essentials when buying an apartment. The service costs that apply usually are known. However, if these costs are sufficient and if you deal with an active enough association isn’t a certainty.

An association of owners that operates efficiently is very important. When service costs are low, which results to not enough money has been put aside, deferred maintenance originates. This causes individual apartments to lose value or an unsafe situation happens. The local government can step in and claim the costs on the apartments’ owners. When means are insufficient an extra single contribution will be needed for maintenance. These kind of amounts aren’t always easy to come up with for the apartment owners.

The association of owners board has to come up with long term maintenance plan, budget, annual report and operating account, take out insurances, collect the members’ contributions and maintaining all listed objects. Most of the time the owners take care of that themselves, instead of letting a professional party take care of management. This usually ends up in a situation where you chase your neighbour and good relationships are being put to the test.

An association of owners that operates efficiently is important for maintaining the apartment and (entire) building, offers certainty and safeguards you from (financial) setbacks. Furthermore, a good association of owners doesn’t trouble the relationship you have with other owners.

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