House renting

House renting in Amsterdam

Renting your house can be a great way to earn some extra money. When you are going to invest in real estate that way, Amsterdam is the place. Buying a house in Amsterdam to live in is a good investment in itself with the increase in house prices. Increasing house prices and renting your house is a good way to make money. But what are the rules you should abide by?

House prices in Amsterdam have increased with over 20 percent in 2016. The last few years prices have gone up even further. An appealing return on your investment! The return on your investment gets even higher if income is added renting your house.

Is renting your house in Amsterdam allowed?

Here it’s necessary to differentiate between different ways of rental. Are you going to rent your house for one/a few nights or is it about renting for a longer period of time? For regular renting you need permission from you association of owners and a housing permit has to be granted. Which is also the case if you let someone live in your house for free. Regarding renting your house to tourist, usually this is done by registering with organisations like Airbnb.

Are you allowed to rent your house with Airbnb?

From 2019 you are allowed to rent your house for a maximum of 30 days in Amsterdam. With the condition the house has a main occupant. So you are not allowed to buy a house with the sole purpose of renting it. Of course you can rent your house for a longer period of time, but that requires different rules and regulations. Also you are not allowed to rent your house to more than 4 people at the same time.

Short stay is not permitted

Another way of tourist rental is short stay. In that case you’re not living in the house yourself. Short stay is more like staying in a hotel. In the past Amsterdam didn’t allow this kind of rental, but from 2014 the local government started to grant permits again for short stay.

Renting your house for a longer period of time

A variety of option also apply here. Temporary rental based on the vacant property act was often permitted during times that the housing market wasn’t doing well. This kind of rental is only allowed when the house is for sale, rental that isn’t common these days. With other types of rental often a house permit has to be granted. Through a points system the maximum rental amount is being calculated. Should the rental amount add up to more than € 710,68 (2017), no maximum rental amount has to be applied. Make sure you are aware of all the rules and regulations before buying a house for renting purposes. For more information we are happy to direct you to the Amsterdam governmental website.

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