How can a buyer's agent help you?


Step 1: Orientation on the housing market

The first step in the process is to orient yourself on the housing market, which can be a challenge in a dynamic city like Amsterdam. This is where the buying agents from Aankoopmakelaar Amsterdam and their advanced home finder tool come into play. This innovative tool gives you direct access to the latest homes, often before they are visible on the internet. With the guidance of our experienced buying agents, you can act quickly when finding a potentially suitable property. You may have a first viewing yourself, but we can also accompany you directly.

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Step 2: Second house visit

The second viewing is always done together with us, Aankoopmakelaar Amsterdam. We arrange this second meeting with your (potential) new home, together with you and the seller's agent. After this viewing, we inform you about our findings and provide a value estimate of the home.

Step 3: Professional negotiations

Aankoopmakelaar Amsterdam is an expert in buying houses and apartments in the Amsterdam area. We strive for the lowest price and the best conditions. We do this based on the information from the selling agent and our own research. You will be kept informed of all developments continuously.

Once an agreement is reached, there is a verbal purchase agreement. This does not yet have legal force, but any conditions can now come into effect. This could include a structural survey, for example. We take care of this.

Step 4:  Notary choice and Purchase agreement

As a buyer, you choose the notary who may handle the transfer of your purchased home. Of course, we can also provide you with advice here. We can recommend our notary who does excellent work for a competitive rate. It is now time to draw up a written purchase agreement. All previous agreements are recorded by the notary. The purchase agreement is thoroughly reviewed and corrected if necessary before signing. After signing, a three-day cooling-off period begins (only for self-occupied homes).

Step 5:  Appraisal report and mortgage advice

As your buying agent, we are not allowed to handle the valuation for your financing purposes. However, we can refer you to an expert, independent appraiser. For financing, it is advisable to seek independent mortgage advice. We can also assist you here with a no-obligation, tailored advice by one of our mortgage advisors.

Step 6: Final house inspection

It is essential to perform a final inspection of the home before signing the deed of transfer at the notary. This ensures that the home is in the same condition as at the time of purchase. We take care of this appointment and together we inspect the house accurately.

Step 7: Delivery at the notary office

After the final inspection, the deed of transfer is signed at the notary. We are present to check the transfer deed and the statement of settlement.

Step 8: Congratulations!

You receive the keys and are now the proud owner of your new home! If you appreciate our guidance and advice, or if you have any questions, we are always here for you.

Congratulations and welcome home!

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Checklist Viewings

Besides a free buying advice we offer the opportunity to receive a ‘checklist for house visits’. With this checklist you will be able to make a quick, first inspection.

Free checklist viewing
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