Step 1: Orientation on the housing market

Finding a house is easy. Nowadays buyers have access to several media, like Funda en Jaap, what makes finding that perfect house that much easier. There are no such things as closed markets anymore. After all, a house seller demands from his realtor that the selling object is visible on the internet, preferably straight away. Is your desired house not part of the offer, a search enquiry can be used. You will receive a notification once a house is put up for sale that meets your requirements and wishes. Do you see something you like and you want to plan a first house visit? Make a free request for our ‘checklist for house visits’.

Step 2: Second house visit

For a second house visit you hire Aankoopmakelaar Amsterdam. We set up this introduction with your (possible) new house together with you and the selling party’s realtor. You can use our free buying advice here.

During and after the house visit we inform you about our assessments regarding the structural state of the house and possible defects, free of charge and without any obligations. Aankoopmakelaar Amsterdam also provides a valuation of the house based on references (recent, comparable transactions of similar houses in the direct vicinity). If you decide to buy, we are going to let the house be put on offer (also see our most frequently asked questions).

Step 3: Professional negotiations

Aankoopmakelaar Amsterdam has negotiation skills like no other and is fully committed to achieve the lowest possible price and best terms and conditions. We ask the selling realtor to provide us with all available data (for example data concerning ground lease, association of owners, MJOP and environmental information) and we will make sure a structural inspection is carried out. Of course not before we’ve discussed these matters with you as a buyer. After agreeing on the negotiation strategy to follow, the negotiation process is started. You will be informed continuously about the latest developments.

As soon as an agreement between buyer and seller has been reached, an oral purchase agreement has been established. It has no legal force yet, but the time frames of possible agreed reservations do apply from that point on. Think about financing or a structural inspection. Those have to be put into operation now as well. Aankoopmakelaar Amsterdam takes care of this.

Step 4:  Purchase agreement

Next it is time to set up a written purchase agreement. All previously made arrangements are officially registered by a notary, one that is usually picked by the buyer. Those are agreements that are discussed extensively during the negotiations and are the basis on which the agreement has been reached. For example the buying price, dates and possible reservations. Beforehand, we extensively review and correct the purchase agreement, if necessary. After that the signing procedure can be started and the three days of consideration start(!).

Step 5:  Notary choice, appraisal report and mortgage advice

Usually the buyer decides which notary can carry out the transfer of the bought object. We are able to advise you on this. Hundreds of euros can be saved on notary costs, so picking the right one can be beneficial.

Aankoopmakelaar Amsterdam is as an advisor involved in the purchase of your house. Because of that we can’t carry out the appraisal for financing. Therefore the appraisal has to be carried out by a third party (independent realtor/valuer). However, we can make sure that a fellow realtor/valuers executes the appraisal for a sharp fee. In most cases the appraisal report is ready within three days.

For most buyers financing will be necessary. It’s advisable to collect mortgage advice from a acknowledged mortgage advisor. A good advice not only covers expenses, but also how important the valid terms and conditions are. Aankoopmakelaar Amsterdam can offer a tailor-made advice, free of charge and without any obligations.

Step 6: Final house inspection

Before signing the notarial act of delivery, it’s very important to make a final house inspection. That is to make sure the house is in exactly the same condition as it was on the moment when you bought it (read: during the house visit, in the case no other agreements were made thereafter). We set up this appointment and will do a check on the house together.

Step 7: Delivery at the notary office

After the final inspection comes the appointment to sign the notarial act of delivery and possibly the mortgage. The act of delivery is signed by you, the seller and the notary. We will be present to check on the act of delivery and the final settlement.

Step 8: Congratulations!

You receive the keys which makes you owner of the house.

Do you appreciate our advice or do you have anymore questions?

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