What does a Buyer's Agent do?

With the right guidance and help, buying a house in Amsterdam is easy. We can help you. You can benefit from our experience and our specific knowledge of the Amsterdam housing market. In the current market, sellers want to see how the market reacts when the house is visible on the internet. So, with more buyers at the same moment, it is important to act fast so we can start decisive with the house hunt. Moreover, we provide the sharpest purchase price.

Walking past the showcases of estate agents in Amsterdam on a Sunday morning is outdated. The most up-to-date offers can be found online. Due to the large number of potential buyers in Amsterdam, it is important to be faster and smarter than other interested parties. And that's where we come in. As a specialised estate agent, we use the right purchasing strategy for the property. With our help, buying your desired property in Amsterdam will be no problem.

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Specialised in the Amsterdam housing market

With a buyer’s agent, you'll be on a firmer footing. With our knowledge of the housing market in Amsterdam, we can help you search for the perfect home. Together with you, we will view and assess the house. You might become enchanted by the house and not see any disadvantages anymore. We keep a cool head. More importantly, we will show you the most important points of interest in the house. In short, we do more than negotiate the best purchase price.

Task of the selling agent

The task of the selling agent is to sell the house at the highest possible price. Your interest is just the opposite. At viewings, the sales agent exclusively represents the interests of the seller, not yours. It is his or her job to sell the house to you. With a buyer's agent at your side, you stand stronger and we will get to the bottom of things.

What does a buyer's agent cost?

We find transparency important. Also, together with you, we strive for a common goal. You want to buy a house that meets your expectations at the lowest possible purchase price. We have made our costs dependent to a large extent on the amount that we are able to deduct from the asking price. We can therefore assure you that we work in your interest and with complete dedication. We work on a "no cure no pay" basis. No success, no invoice.

Do the costs differ per working area?

We focus exclusively on Amsterdam and the immediate surroundings. We limit ourselves to the market in which we are specialised. Would you like to make an initial selection on which part of Amsterdam and its surroundings suits you best? We have divided our working area into ten regions. We apply the same rates for the different areas.

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Checklist Viewings

Besides a free buying advice we offer the opportunity to receive a ‘checklist for house visits’. With this checklist you will be able to make a quick, first inspection.

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