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For years now Amsterdam-Noord is more and more becoming the most trendy work-, residential- and living environment in Amsterdam. The old NDSM-wharf has transformed drastically the past fifteen years. With the redeveloped harbour front and the ultramodern film institute EYE, Amsterdam-Noord is quickly becoming ‘The new Amsterdam near the IJ river’. The picturesque working-class neighbourhoods in Oostzaan offer a different view on Amsterdam-Noord, together with the apartment complexes in the Buikslotermeer area, designed and developed in the 80’s and 90’s.

A lot of development programs are now being realised, like Docklands and Overhoeks, a project named after the former Shell tower, which has always been a landmark for everyone that sailed into Amsterdam from the direction of the IJsselmeer or North Sea Canal.

Aankoopmakelaar Amsterdam is fully active in Amsterdam-Noord. We are happy to show you the most recently developed real estate and picturesque garden villages of Noord. One of the benefits opposed to district Centrum is the surplus of parking space. Compared to, for example, Amsterdam-Zuid the pricing level of houses in Amsterdam-Noord makes it more affordable to buy a house there.

About Amsterdam-Noord

Nowadays the harbour area of Amsterdam-Noord is a center of creative activity. A lot of companies have located themselves in of the renovated buildings on the former NDSM grounds. Garden villages Nieuwendam, Buiksloot and Oostzaan offer a peaceful and ‘folksy’ living environment and if you look further ahead to ‘rural Noord’ you will find peacefulness and space in villages like Ransdorp, Durgerdam and Schellingwoude. From Amsterdam-Noord you can reach the city centre in only a few minutes time by taking the ferry across the IJ river. The houses around the IJ square, built in the eighties and designed by famous architect Rem Koolhaas, are still popular spots for people who want to live just outside the city but still want to take advantage of the nearby ring of canals. Although a lot of houses in Amsterdam-Noord are built on concrete foundations, in the garden villages you will also find houses that were built in the twenties of the last century and therefore problems with those foundations can occur. Aankoopmakelaar Amsterdam will make sure that you are aware of possible foundation problems of property in Amsterdam-Noord that has your attention or you prepare an offer for.

Living in Amsterdam-Noord

Amsterdam-Noord offers you a wide variety of houses and apartment buildings. You will find standard houses with small gardens as well as luxurious and modern city apartments viewing the IJ river. Amsterdam-Noord has numerous parks and green areas like Vliegenbos, the Schellingwouderpark, Florapark and the Volewijkspark. Living in Amsterdam-Noord is a perfect alternative, both for the young urban citizens as well as the somewhat senior new Amsterdam inhabitant. The city centre is easily reachable by public transportation and Amsterdam-Noord is also the perfect place to shop. The city district is a mix of rental- and owner occupied homes. For the older owner occupied houses owner associations are founded in the past and sometimes you have to deal with ground lease as well. Regarding the inactive associations of owners, it’s important to be aware of the fact that you may end up being a part of the association in the future and it is in your best interest to take a good look into the financial reserves of that specific owners association. Naturally Aankoopmakelaar Amsterdam will make an extensive effort during the orientation phase to collect all necessary information regarding your possible future association of owners.

Recreation in Amsterdam-Noord

The garden villages of Amsterdam-Noord offer a lot of green recreation areas. The different Amsterdam-Noord parks offer the residents room for relaxation. What speaks for Amsterdam-Noord is the beautiful variation between the informal nature of the garden villages and the picturesque surroundings of Durgerdam compared to the more urban appearance of the harbour front and the IJ river. The city district of Amsterdam-Noord also has a beautiful swimming pool (the Noorderparkbad, recently completely renovated) and numerous sports facilities. But there is nothing quite like a bike ride from one of the garden villages to the harbour where the ferry is waiting to take you across the IJ river. Within five minutes you will have reached the city centre of Amsterdam and ride your bike across the Damrak straight into the heart of the city.

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