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Who lives in Amsterdam finds it difficult not to regularly visit famous spots or places that famous people made interesting. A lot of those places can be found in Amsterdam-Oost, like the Indische Buurt, former Ajax stadium De Meer, the Jaap Edenbaan and the world famous Science Park. And what about Johan Cruyff? This small summary is a fine example of how old and new times combine and even run side by side these days. Being part of that environment is wonderful of course, but in Amsterdam it can also be difficult to stay away from typical Amsterdam issues like structural problems, associations of owners that don’t operate as they should or difficulties around the topic ground lease. That immediately emphasizes the importance of hiring Aankoopmakelaar Amsterdam.

About Amsterdam-Oost

Amsterdam-Oost consists of the boroughs IJburg, Indische Buurt, Oostelijk Havengebied, Oud-Oost and Watergraafsmeer. A part of Oost is old, the rest is new as can be. Most of the houses are located next to, or close to the water. The construction of Oost began towards the end of the 19th century with the Oosterparkbuurt and the Dapperbuurt (Oud-Oost). After 1900 the Indische Buurt was next and until this day the city district only has grown in size since, with IJburg as the most recent example. This borough is built on artificial islands and is being developed since 2002.

Although Amsterdam-Oost in a way provides space for modern projects and technological masterpieces, we musn’t surpass the fact that at the same time Amsterdam-Oost breathes a typical Amsterdam atmosphere and has a lot of cosy and village like traits. To be able to enjoy all this, that is what it’s all about. Because of the way Aankoopmakelaar Amsterdam works previously mentioned problems are intercepted and the focus can be shifted to create a comfortable living environment. On top of that, those service come free of charge as Aankoopmakelaar Amsterdam works on the basis of no cure no pay.

Living in Amsterdam-Oost

According to the most recent number Amsterdam-Oost has 126.157 inhabitants. These residents have 737 stores at their disposal, 51,7 percent of these residents live alone and about 19,5 percent is living together without kids. These numbers immediately illustrate that Oost can’t be seen as a typical family district. However, particularly the new developed boroughs are a comfortable place for young families to live, because the facilities for children are great. There are 36 primary schools and 10 schools for secondary education located in Oost. Furthermore there are a lot of playgrounds and more important: the majority of the people is very satisfied about the neighbourhood they live in and feels safe on top of that.

Do you see nothing that you like in Amsterdam-Oost or do you want to engage in a broader search? Aankoopmakelaar Amsterdam is also active in Diemen, Amstelveen, Amsterdam-Zuid, Amsterdam-Noord and Amsterdam-West.

Recreation in Amsterdam-Oost

Recreation in Amsterdam-Oost has a lot of different faces. Especially for children there is enough to do. There is Jeugdland, an adventurous playground, Meerpark and skating is still possible on the famous Jaap Edenbaan, to be done by young and old. But there is more. Sports accommodations, events, arts, culture, parks, a nice atmosphere, peacefulness, water and relaxation are to be found everywhere. Furthermore sport for the disabled is developing rapidly and a growing number of clubs provide specific activities. A fun fact is the development of so called smart sports complexes, equipped with the newest technology within the field of energy, which results in an energy achievement that fits perfectly with our way of coping with our ecosystem. And last but not least, let’s not forget the famous and cosy Indische Buurt, where up to 100 different languages are spoken. There is always something to do in Amsterdam-Oost. In short: typical Amsterdam.

Aankoopmakelaar Amsterdam works on the basis of no cure no pay. For more information about the costs and our working method please contact us.

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