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Amsterdam-West is one of the purest spots you will find in Amsterdam; an important cultural territory. West has a mind of its own, is beautiful, pure, raw, infamous, famous and therefore without a doubt lively and fascinating. With the Westerpark and Westergasfabriek this district also offers green, peaceful and relaxing facilities for recreational purposes in many ways. Those who want to live in West can choose between different boroughs within the district. If you want to make sure you buy a house in the right spot it is advisable to hire an expert who guides you during the buying process and signals possible structural or other problems through his specific working method. Aankoopmakelaar Amsterdam is happy to be at your service.

About Amsterdam-West

Amsterdam-West is a combination of the historic city districts Bos en Lommer, De Baarsjes, Oud-West and Westerpark and consists mainly of the old Amsterdam from before the war. As already stated, West is both famous and infamous at the same time. In 1980 the district provided the backdrop of a true battlefield between squatters and the police. In West you will also find café De Krommerdt, the place where the famous André Hazes used to sing in his days as a bartender and café De Toog, the favourite bar of Herman Brood. In a way Amsterdam-West is both the cradle as well as the beating cultural heart of the capital. People who have lived their entire lives in West can often dish up beautiful stories about the past. For newcomers who get inspired by an environment that always is well alive in many ways, West is an exciting city district to fully flourish. West breathes life, in all aspects.

First and foremost Amsterdam-West is rich. Not in a material way, but rich in culture and history. A lot of famous writers and artists like Piet Mondriaan, Cornelis Springer and Aletta Jacobs used to live here.

In Amsterdam-West, like any other part of the city, typical Amsterdam problems occur. Always be aware of foundation problems, a poorly functioning association of owners (VvE) and possible applicable leasehold. By keeping this in mind when you search for a house, it prevents you from major inconveniences later on. This service comes without obligations, as Aankoopmakelaar Amsterdam won’t charge any fee as long as you haven’t bought anything.

Living in Amsterdam-West

To get right down to business: living in Amsterdam is fun more than everything! In West a village-like character prevails and it seems like everything’s coming together in the right way. It isn’t described as Amsterdam’s cosy living room for nothing. But it’s also an area of extremes, with boroughs carrying an exciting history with them on one hand and natural calm, relaxation, entertainment and green oases on the other. He or she who can put all this into perspective, will certainly feel well at home in West. Understandably we take care of housing in pleasant neighbourhoods, because West offers a lot of good things. There are dozens of primary schools, nurseries, clubs and a lot of other organisations that contribute to a positive domestic environment in an active way.

Do you see nothing that you like in Amsterdam-West or do you want to engage in a broader search? Aankoopmakelaar Amsterdam also operates in Diemen, Amstelveen, Amsterdam-Zuid en Amsterdam-Oost.

Westerpark Amsterdam

One of the biggest attractions in Amsterdam-West is undoubtedly the Westerpark, where there is plenty of room for recreation in a beautiful green environment. The iconic Westergasfabriek, designed by Amsterdam architect Isaac Gosschalk, has become host to a lot of events and conferences and is generally viewed as a cultural factory. In the parc one can find a manifestation area, numerous sports facilities, a water playground, flower gardens, bike- and hiketrails and more than enough spots to enjoy the weather and to escape the bustle of the city. Apart from these attractions numerous active clubs, sports complexes and catering facilities are available to those who live there.

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