Amsterdam (Oud) Zuid

Imagine living there: close to iconic places like the Rijksmuseum, Olympisch Stadion, De Pijp, the Concertgebouw and the Amsterdamse Bos (Amsterdam Forest). It almost speaks for itself that Amsterdam-Zuid is one of the most popular districts of Amsterdam. However, we can’t forget that issues like structural problems, non-functional associations of owners and paying ground lease are also part of this district. Aankoopmakelaar Amsterdam knows this district like no other and is well aware of all issues that play a crucial part when buying a house here. The joy of living somewhere starts by working with an agent that has a proven working method for a more than reasonable fee.

About Amsterdam-Zuid

City district Amsterdam-Zuid covers the area south and southwest of the Singelgracht, in the north bordered by the Vondelpark, in the east by the Amstel and in the west by the Westlandgracht. No need to say Amsterdam is an old city. But city district Zuid wasn’t established until the end of the 19th century, when the city grew fast and expanded in multiple directions. The area was mainly designed by Berlage and De Klerk, both members of the Amsterdam school.

City district Amsterdam-Zuid is an enjoyable mix of old and new. Literally. The city district itself isn’t older than 2010, but originated by merging Oud-Zuid and Zuideramstel. This city district, with the Vondelpark as a backyard, has the highest disposable income and largest number of working residents of Amsterdam. Two elements that certainly influence the atmosphere and living experience there. It’s the perfect location for working singles and couples with two salaries that value a stylish environment and want to live within reach of work as well as all necessary facilities. However, families that are focused on city life can enjoy living here as well.

Amsterdam-Zuid undoubtedly has a lot to offer. However, thanks to the advantages Aankoopmakelaar Amsterdam offers to home buyers, all the beautiful things in Amsterdam-Zuid really comes within reach. It is always very pleasing to close the best possible deal for the best possible property.

Living in Amsterdam-Zuid

Just like the rest of the city, Amsterdam-Zuid is a melting pot of nationalities, mainly represented by people in the age of 20 to 50. But still the area is also focused on families. There is a considerable number of primary schools, but one should register well on time and take the current preferential system into account, which has to make sure that children primarily go to school in their own neighbourhood.

When it comes to crime Zuid’s crime rate is about half of that in city district Centrum, but higher than the rate for any other city district. Nothing to panic about, these numbers are somewhat inherent to the life in a vibrant city as Amsterdam. Furthermore Zuid has numerous facilities, varying from the most diverse bars and restaurants to shops for everyone and extensive sports and recreational facilities. Originated from growth and success, Amsterdam-Zuid is a beautiful and inspiring city district for those who want to embrace this atmosphere and love a contemporary and modern lifestyle at the same time.

Do you like nothing what you see in Amsterdam-Zuid or do you want to engage in a broader search? Aankoopmakelaar Amsterdam is also active in Diemen, Amstelveen, Amsterdam-West, Amsterdam-Oost and Amsterdam-Noord.


Since 2010, Buitenveldert has also been part of Amsterdam Zuid city district. It is a strategic place for people working at the Zuidas, but also for people who want to move quickly to, for example, Schiphol, the Amsterdam forest or Amstelveen. 

Buitenveldert is a neighbourhood with many older residents who on average also live longer in their homes. By way of comparison: in the Buitenveldert district, people live on average 11 years, as opposed to the whole of Amsterdam where the average is 8.3 years. So you can count on local residents who take good care of their home and surroundings.

Recreation in Amsterdam-Zuid

It shouldn’t be a surprise that Amsterdam-Zuid pretty much offers everything people can ask for. There are numerous sports facilities, also for seniors and for those who are visually, auditive, mentally and physically disabled. This is mainly set up by the many clubs and organisations that are active in Zuid. Besides that there are the parks, of which the Vondelpark is the most famous by far, but is certainly not the only one: Amstelpark, Gijsbrecht van Aemstelpark, Sarphatipark, Huis te Vraag, Amsterdamse Bos, Beatrixpark, Martin Luther Kingpark and the list goes on. There are also lots of events and the cultural and arts sector is also well represented.

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