Besides the cities of Diemen and Oud-Diemen, the municipality Diemen also consists of the hamlets Over-Diemen and Stammerdijk. In May 2014, the number or residents was 26.148. The average number of inhabitants per dwelling is in Diemen substantially higher than in the rest of the country (2.8 versus 2.2) and with that Diemen can truly be described as a typical ‘family city’. The quality of facilities like schools and playgrounds also underline that fact. These facilities are valued with high ratings by the local population. Public nuisance through crime is limited.

About Diemen

The Diemen territory is confirmed to be inhabited for almost a thousand years and is known to be one of the oldest settlements in the region. Even two centuries older as Amsterdam itself. In the meantime Diemen has become mainly a city for commuters, that has grown substantially compared to the earlier days because of the influence by Amsterdam and the construction of new residential areas. However, there are still a lot of eyecatchers that remind oneself of the rich past.

This rich past is the reason that a large number of houses are built in different times, according standards that don’t hold up anymore these days. That doesn’t have to mean that these houses don’t meet the wishes of modern human beings. However, it does mean that a thorough check of the structural state and identifying possible problems on time, such as structural problems, is eminent. Aankoopmakelaar Amsterdam has vast technical knowledge and thereby prevents dat crucial deficits are being overlooked.

Living in Diemen

Who chooses to live in Diemen can count on numerous facilities of high quality. It speaks for itself that sufficient retailers and service providers are active in the region, but also public transportation is regulated perfectly for example. A minority of the population (around 13 percent) claim they want to leave Diemen. The vast majority (56 percent) is eager to stay and the rest doesn’t speak out about this matter. In Diemen the demand exceeds the offer and on top of that not every available house is visible online. Aankoopmakelaar Amsterdam knows its way around in Diemen and is always well connected with the most recent developments in the housing market. Unnecessary to say that is a huge benefit when searching for a suitable home.

People are motivated to move to Diemen for a number of reasons:

  • The house itself

  • The vicinity of Amsterdam

  • The ability to buy a house

  • To obtain a house with a garden

  • The vicinity of a job

  • The transition to a senior accommodation

Diemen has four nurseries, seven primary schools and a school for higher education (InHolland). For secondary education people tend to go to Amsterdam or Bussum. Furthermore there are a lot of facilities available, varying from daycare facilities and crisis care to social organisations and interest- and health groups that take care of the elderly and people with a physical or mental disability.

Do you see nothing you like in Diemen or do you want to engage in a broader search? Aankoopmakelaar Amsterdam is also active in Amstelveen, Amsterdam-Zuid, Amsterdam-West and Amsterdam-Oost.

Sports in Diemen

Diemen can be called a sporting municipality with reason. With numerous sports clubs within the city limits, varying from baseball, basketball and soccer to combat sports such as karate and judo. There is even a club that is specialised in dog sports, there is something for everybody. Furthermore a lot of exercise activities are offered. For example exercise for diabetics, motion therapy for people that suffer from anxiety, stress and/or depression, swimming for the disabled and courses for overweight children. The city also grants subsidy by issuing a youthpass. People who want to engage in sporting activities can use parcs and modern accommodations. On top of that Diemen has multiple swimming pools.

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