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Amsterdam IJburg, one of most modern districts and most ambitious city planning projects in the last decade, was nothing more than one big sandy area late 90’s. Not all islands are developed just yet. There were also governmental issues that played part in the development. In 2005, the Council of State prohibited the plans for the second phase development of IJburg. The islands Strandeiland, Middeneiland and Buiteneiland still have to developed. Centrumeiland is now being worked on and the city of Amsterdam plans to speed up development in the next few years.

About Amsterdam IJburg

The economic prosperity these days offers chances for anybody who is looking for a new house near Amsterdam, but still wants to have the feeling of ‘living outside’. IJburg’s development has been a bumpy ride, nowadays the island truly looks like a complete city district. With the ‘IJtram’ (line 26) you can reach the centre of Amsterdam within fifteen minutes. Living on IJburg means living outside, with the advantage the city is closeby. On the island you will find all types of houses, designed by various nationally and internationally operating architects and designers. Extra attention has been given to energy conservation and other actual modern themes. Two-under-one-roof houses, apartments, detached houses and sometimes even empty lots, on IJburg you are certain to find all types of houses. Aankoopmakelaar Amsterdam will give you thorough advice on various owners associations in case of a search on IJburg. Read more on association of owners topics in Amsterdam.

Ground lease contracts on IJburg

Since 1896 the city of Amsterdam doesn’t sell land anymore, but gives out the property in leasehold. One of the reasons in the past for entering into a leasehold system was that the value increase of the land would benefit the community. The property development business of the municipality Amsterdam has in fact used a part of the leasehold revenue for financing the construction of IJburg. Ground lease contracts in Amsterdam do have their disadvantages as well. Some IJburg residents that bought a house there before 2005 had to pay extra ground lease when building an extra floor on top of their house. That was something people weren’t told when buying their house on IJburg. Aankoopmakelaar Amsterdam knows everything there is to know on the most recent ground lease contracts on IJburg and will point out exactly what you can expect, now and in the future.

Living on IJburg

Peace and quiet, space, fresh air and beautiful views over the IJsselmeer. These are the main ‘essentials’ of living on IJburg, but the island offers you a lot more than that. Choose from different maintenance friendly types of houses and housing forms and keep your energy bill at a low level the first coming years. On IJburg most modern houses are constructed with high isolation values and efficient energy management (heat pumps etc.). You’re not likely to find this in the new residential areas of Nieuw-West or the somewhat older houses in Amsterdam-Noord. Of course IJburg also has a number of owner associations that aren’t financially stable yet because of their recent establishment. If you buy an apartment on Zeeburg of IJburg that is part of an existing association of owners, we will make sure that all relevant financial information will be discovered.

Recreation on IJburg

Blijburg beach is the most logical beach location for IJburg residents. A lot of people come up here for the weekend to enjoy the beach, the sea en the sun. Understandably you can also moor your boat somewhere in a marina near Zeeburg or Schellingwoude, although not everyone can afford this. If you want to enjoy the green meadows or go out for a good stroll, you can visit the nearby Diemerpark. Also a bike ride to Muiden is a fun thing to do. But nothing compares to walking along the IJburg seashore with the IJsselmeer in the background, feeling the wind run through your hair.

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